Skip the pitch; share your story.

Goodbye Elevator Pitch, Hello Elevated Story: A New Paradigm in Business Engagement

The era of the elevator pitch is over. Contrary to popular belief, opportunities for delivering a two-minute sales spiel to a C-suite executive or venture capitalist in an elevator are increasingly rare. If you’ve experienced this, you’re an outlier; if you haven’t, you’re part of the norm. The reality is that the business landscape has evolved significantly.

Rather than investing substantial capital to establish a brick-and-mortar store, you can now procure a domain name for a nominal fee and launch an eCommerce website almost instantly. Social media has leveled the playing field, eliminating the need for expensive marketing campaigns. By engaging with an audience on various platforms, you can direct organic traffic to your site.

The emphasis has shifted from a call-to-action to a call-to-share. Businesses are no longer solely focused on selling products or services; they are in the business of sharing compelling stories. This new paradigm underscores the importance of creating meaningful connections with those who resonate with your vision and recognize your value.

In conclusion, the traditional methods of pitching your business have given way to a more nuanced and authentic approach, one that prioritizes storytelling and meaningful engagement over hard sales tactics. As we navigate this new landscape, let’s embrace the opportunity to share our elevated stories, not just to capture market share but to build lasting relationships that can drive sustainable success.

5 Keys to sharing your ‘Elevated Story’

  1. It’s About Connecting Your Brand
  2. It’s Not A Pitch, It’s A Conversation
  3. You’re Not Selling, You’re Sharing
  4. Take Your Time (Be Disruptive)
  5. It Should Become Your ‘Elevated Story’

One of our esteemed strategic partners, Plaid Park, an award-winning branding agency, has generously contributed an expertly designed PDF to assist you in articulating your ‘elevated story.’

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